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EPCA Development Ltd is a member of EPC Africa Group headquartered in Kigali, Rwanda. The company is specialized in: Designing, Supervision & Maintenance of Infrastructures including the development of modern and low cost housing.

At EPCA Development, we believe infrastructures create opportunities and a better future for everyone on the planet.  While developing our projects, we focus on ensuring our client’s satisfaction and the community in general.


Creating sustainable urbanization in Africa.


Design, operate and maintain sustainable & innovative infrastructures for the African continent.


Integrity, Ownership, Teamwork, Community Impact and Innovation.


We understand both the urgency of the challenges facing our society and our responsibility to act in an impactful way to overcome obstacles.


Our philosophy is to design, operate, finance and deliver appropriate and strong infrastructures for today and generations to come.  Due to the scarcity of the land, our architectural designs focus on land optimization to remain within the Green Growth and Climate Resilience National Strategy guidelines to complement the national master plan.


As a Contribution to the Government of Rwanda’s initiative to bridge the existing housing gaps, EPCA Development is playing an important role into developing real estate projects while focusing on value for money.

Meet The Team

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Our Clients & Partners

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